Eye Stories

I used to constantly document my life. In college I was the annoying classmate/friend with my cellphone camera in your face - CONSTANTLY. Of course this habit continued long after college but lately (in months) I haven't touched my camera much.

In the desperate need to bring back that healthy, creative habit I wanted to make an unofficial place where I could post images, even extra pictures from our posts with the intention of not overloading the Blog and to have something a little extra for the curious eye. Because, who doesn't love looking at pictures (whether good or bad?).

I can't promise, no, I won't promise most of my pictures will not be of Cleo, Bowie or Cujo because - DUH. But I'll do what I can to "spice it up". As for how often this will be updated? I have no fucking clue, but I will try my best to be consistent. Let's have a little faith.

Hello and welcome to my visual journal, stories for the eyes - Eye Stories.

Mama tried.


(photo by Cruz)

Leah Paulin