live the high life

I honestly never thought to myself I'd love a piece such as this. However as I get older my appetites change for something different and sometimes something strange. I've been wanting a suit coat/blazer that I can pair casually with blue jeans that comes equipped with some utility that helps when I'm either on a night out or working. I've always kept my eye on Chicago based manufacturers and I remember coming across Stock Mfg. Co a while back. I've always enjoyed their collection, their philosophy behind product design and I've always been enthralled with the fact their factory sits on Fulton Street near the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago.

Last year they were asked to produce a small batch of co-branded clothing for Miller High Life. This particular suit coat spoke immediately to me. I romanticize with anything made out of duck canvas and this is no exception. The jacket is styled after a traditional shooting/hunting jacket with large utility pockets, a contrast shoulder patch and a squared fit. I'm fortunate for the fit  here since I've never found a suit jacket in my own size that fit well since I'm wider in the chest and shoulder area. I've never had a good experience with fit prior to this. This jacket though I immediately fell in love with after my first wear. It honestly fit perfectly like it was made for me. 

The small branding details on the button closures, the "Girl In The Moon" printed chambray lining and choice of utility of pockets makes this jacket surprising classic but utilitarian at the same time. It surprised the hell out of me, and exceeded my every expectation and need I had. The fact its made in my home town of Chicago is a cherry on the topping. 

I love what Stock Mfg. does with all their product and I look forward to their upcoming collections. They work with good companies and great designers (Jon Contino for one) and if you're interested in perhaps picking up this coat yourself, go over to their website since it's fortunately still listed and it's on sale!

Do you have a piece of clothing that changed the way you look at your own sense of style? Let us know!