Colourpop is making a name of its own in the makeup industry. Made in Los Angeles, California, it's a new company founded by a brother and sister team who initially started Spatz Laboratory. They would later begin manufacturing products for Kylie Cosmetics and it was only a matter of time ‘til they launched their own brand. Colourpop products are ridiculously good, ridiculously inexpensive & cruelty free. They’re on top of their game, continuously releasing new product and rad collabs with different influential people. 

After trying out Colourpop products, I’ve given myself a lot of slack and buy things that are definitely out of my comfort zone to see if they work for me and honestly? The butteriness, pigmentation and durability of every single item I’ve tried from them is pretty incredible. It’s awesome to find a company that offer drugstore prices with high end quality. Bottom line: I love you Colourpop.

With my seriously limited makeup skills, here's 5 looks using their items.

eyeshadow /lost and found

blush / thumper

eyeshadow / liberty

ultra matte lipstick / friday


eyeshadow / paper tiger

There's so many variety in product and colors, if you haven't checked them out, please do and let me know what you think!

Have you tried Colourpop before? What products would you repurchase?