working class co.

I like taking care of my leather products. I enjoy seeing them cleansed, moisturized with oil and looking refreshed. If you know me and my shoes, I take great pride in taking care of their leather uppers.

So I gotta ask why am I so clumsy and negligent in providing care for my own skin? Sure I soap and lather and bathe often but as a guy I grew up not considering the area of my body that receives the most exposure to the environment and the elements that bombard it. That part is my face. 

I've generally had good skin for most of my teenage and adult life. I've been lucky but I know I can do more. My face, specifically my nose gets a ton of black heads and clogged pores. I'm not afraid to admit but I've always wondered why certain parts of my facial skin get so oily and some dry. Leah points out the fact I really don't take the effort to exfoliate or cleanse. Frankly I've never made an effort to give it any attention. 

Well as I get older and the countless times I've let Leah make me her personal guinea pig for masks and peels I've begun to notice how much of a profound difference my face feels and looks after applying and removing facial product.

So I made a promise to develop and maintain a routine for caring for face. At first I struggled with finding a solid brand I felt I could earnestly trust and start using. Eventually I came across Working Class Company out of Bedford, Texas founded by Ian Hancock. Ian makes small batch men's grooming products that focus on beard oils, balms, facial cleansers and scrubs. I picked up his facial cleanser + scrub combo set. The scrub right off the bat smells like your morning cup of joe and doesn't disappoint. The coffee ground filled scrub has a wonderful scent and digs deep in to your pours to get every bit of dirt and grime out. The facial cleanser has a sweet lingering peppermint scent that cleanses and moisturizes your skin with a soft touch. 



I'm really enjoying this product line and honestly even with only a week of use I highly recommend this brand. Their scrub and cleanser has made a huge impact almost immediately on the health and overall quality of my facial skin. The product is a joy to use and Ian makes every effort to make his customer appreciated for their support. He included a handwritten note and some awesome stickers shipped with my cleanser and scub. I really look forward to picking up more from his small company and what other products he has in future. Thanks Ian!