may 2017

May has a lot of things coming up for us and we'll glad to push forward and talk about a couple brands we're excited to feature this month. We're developing a new format for Stay Local talking about some of our favorite places here in San Diego. We're showcasing art we're proud to have in our home, Cruz talks about a men's wear brand from his home town, and Leah has some awesome makeup looks coming up this month. We're adding a new feature called Belly Provisions that will come in handy when entertaining family or whenever you need a good cocktail after a long day.  

Last month was a big leap for us and we're happy and grateful to you all for being incredibly  receptive and giving us great feedback on the site. Changing the look of the site and challenging ourselves with our photography has given us opportunities to stand out and connect with you all more. We're excited for this month and everything we have ready to bring you!