red wing blacksmith


To me not much compares to the satisfaction I get lacing up a new pair and starting the break in process. Experience may vary but I feel I've only earned the opportunity to call them my own when the blisters have healed, the soreness subsided and only thing left is the impression of my arch molded in the footbed. Only then can I say the scuffs, the crinkles and stains in leather upper and the heel wear are truly my own. I'm passionate about boots. I grew up in them and like I mentioned before they're ingrained in my every day life.

Any chance to get a good pair I find it really difficult to pass up on. Because of that for the last couple years Red Wing Shoes have been crowding my closet.  Honestly? Not complaining. 

Recently I got a chance on a pair of Red Wing Blacksmith 3344 in Hawthorne Muleskinner. It's a 6 inch plain toe boot resting atop a comfy Vibram 430 lug sole and molded on Red Wing's #8 last. The #8 Last I've come to discover is ironically near perfect for my Flintstone shaped feet. They're crafted using a beautiful rough out leather from Red Wing's S.B. Foot Tannery, this boot is honestly a must have. I've been eyeing a Red Wing release made out of their Hawthorne Muleskinner but have been hesitant due not knowing if I wanted boot or an oxford in this leather. When the chance came around to get a pair of one Red Wing's European releases, I couldn't resist them adding them to my collection.

These are beautiful and with each wear they're closer and closer to being perfect. Little by little I'm earning them.

Do you have a pair of boots you could say you've earned?