skincare essentials

As I get older, my skin’s welfare has become one of my priorities. One of my New Year's ~resolutions~ was to take my makeup off every single night and to not take any short cuts (i.e. use wipes.); I make an effort to give myself a few minutes to wash/tone/prep and moisturize my face. I’ve really enjoyed having that time all to myself and I can proudly say that I've only caved and fell asleep with a full face twice so far this year. Go me. 

My skin is on the dry side so I’m constantly reminded that I need to cut the iced coffee (okay, okaaayyyyy or soda) and drink water instead. I’ve also been using a lot of oils and oil-based products to cleanse/moisturize and needless to say, I. love. them.

The products that I’ll be talking about I’ve been using for the last almost 4 months on a nightly basis, these are my thoughts on them:


If I’m painfully honest, you certainly don’t need a lot to give your skin that “bounce”. It’s all about you getting to know what your skin needs and focusing on that, if you combine that with a shit ton of water and a clean(er) diet… you’re good. Of course there’s other things to consider like, are your issues due to hormones or overproduction of oils? I would very much encourage you to get a facial/consult with an esthetician or visit a dermatologist... Treat yourself, you're worth it. <3

What nightly routine do you have?