5 great coffee table books

One of my favorite things to look for when I'm wandering around in my local bookstore are coffee table books. After a while we all tend to build up quite a collection! These are our some of most recent recommendations we have you to consider to add to your own collection. Enjoy!

where's warhol? | by Catherine Ingram x Andrew Rae

Andy Warhol had an insight for pop culture and the upcoming phenomena scene like no other. Had he gotten a chance to see this book where's he thrown in 12 different  "Where's Waldo" scenarios he may have seen it fitting. "WHERE'S WARHOL" by Catherine Ingram & Andrew Rae is a table/party book dropping Andy Warhol into  scenes of the vibrant past. It's a must have book for those love pop art and the celebration of Andy's impact on the art scene during the last 50 years. 

chloë sevigny | by Chloë Sevigny

Chloë Sevigny is probably in my top 5 girl crushes of all time. She's the epitome of ~cool~ in my opinion; I love her individuality, her confidence, her style, her eye for things, her fearlessness (see? I’m crushin'...), I mean, what's not to love?  The book is essentially a curated collection of her personal photos, casting flyers, campaign shots, collages and mementos. Sigh.

hard ground | by Michael O'Brien x Tom Waits

HARDGROUND. One of the most incredibly moving and beautifully constructive photo books I've come across. It tells the story of a small but very large group of forgotten souls. The homeless. Combing the eloquent poetry of song writer Tom Waits, photographer Michael O'Brien's work captures and engenders compassion, empathy and humility for those we tend to forget. The book is a stunning piece of journalism and art providing humble insight in what it means to be human. 

in the company of women | by Grace Bonney

Grace Bonney did an amazing job curating this, I can't imagine how much time and effort it took to put this book together. All the women featured are incredibly smart, creative, talented and badass. The interviews are super insightful, the photographs… beautiful, the stories behind every single person are truly fascinating. This is not only a great book to have in your home but it's also a great gift! 

nasty galaxy | by Sophia Amoruso

You may know Sophia Amoruso as the mogul behind Nasty Gal. I’ve always found her story super inspiring. A girl who turned her passion for vintage to a huge business? Amazing. Nasty Galaxy is a perfect blend of Sophia’s influences, tips, tricks, cocktail recipes, horoscopes, home decor, magnificent music, and badass icons that have inspired her throughout the years. Going through this book feels like looking at someone’s collage/journal with beautiful pictures, awesome illustrations and a perfect mix and blend of typography. Her taste for everything is impeccable.


Have any of these sparked your interest? What coffee table books would you recommend to us?