This is Chris Nakamura. He does something daily not many get to say. 

He works for a living doing what he loves, works endlessly to build it from the ground up and hopes what he does changes the way people grow and see themselves.

Chris designs shoes. 

Chris is the founder and designer of ZZYXX Shoes. A small but growing shoe company he founded roughly 4 years ago after more than a decade of experience designing footwear in the fast fashion industry. He works out of his space in Carlsbad, California sharing a workshop and warehouse  with a San Diego based watchmaker and leather bag maker. He's immensely passionate about what he does, what he designs, how it's manufactured, how he carries a conversation with you about footwear (seriously I can have hours of conversation with this guy about footwear, raw materials, fit, branding, etc.).  

He is incredibly humble and grounded in how he hopes people could see footwear.  ZZYXX Shoes is his baby, his brainchild after years in footwear and what he felt was missing in the industry. It's the culmination of all his efforts, passions and personality rolled in one. 

His company recently just had a successful Kickstarter campaign for his Ziggy 2.0 boot raising over $100K in a small matter of time. He will be having a upcoming Kickstarter Project for the production of his new Felix 2.0. Check out the ZZYXX website for more details on the next Kickstarter campaign and it's launch date.

Chris invited us up to his workshop to get to know more about ZZYXX Shoes and the guy behind the scenes sketching and developing every pair.  


Check out the video below for our interview.   

Special thanks to our dear friend Angel Alvarez for his photographs.
Video by Tiger & Ox.

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