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In a time before pinterest or the internet (in my case), I was a young girl who used to collect magazines. I would to come home from the store with one and go through every single page, over and over in case I’d missed something. I used to cut the photos that inspired me, the clothes I wanted to get, the hair tutorials I wanted to try out and how to forget the toiletries I “needed” to have. I used to put these cutouts in one of those photo album binders (do you know which ones I’m talking about?) and I actually ended up filling a few of those. They were my prized possessions, my diy magazines.

When I was a teenager I remember that I emailed the Editor of a magazine I used to religiously read asking her what I could go to school for so I could have a job like hers one day, and “oh, also, do you know where I could get an apartment like that artist guy from ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’?” (my dream was to move to New York and since I knew this magazine was there and Desperately Seeking Susan definitely took place in New York I mean, I needed the intel, I knew my priorities!). 

She never told me where to get my huge industrial loft but she did answer my question, though. I can’t remember very well but I believe she told me she went to school for Political Science and landed a job at that magazine because she liked to write, or something like that (it’s been 15+ years, forgive my lack of memory). I really hope that what I remember is correct because it resonates with our lives, I went to business school and I hated it, Cruz went to school for Electronics Engineering and it wasn’t his thing either… we dropped out. I’m not saying this proudly, but I’m not ashamed either, sometimes things aren’t in your heart and even if it takes you a little bit to work your way to wherever you want to go, who cares? You do you.

We initially started this project to escape the 9 to 5 life, to express and explore our creative sides, to talk about brands that we love and the essence of our initial goal is still intact. We felt like something was missing though, and this relaunch was a long time coming. We wanted to focus on having fun not only with the site but our visuals and processes, we’re super excited to push our own creative boundaries further. When I was a kid all I wanted was to work for a magazine, and now I get to create and show you my version of that diy magazine I did so long ago. We have this huge platform where we can both express ourselves, because of this project we’ve been able to work with wonderful talented people and make great friends; we want to continue telling stories, talk to you about how products work for us, our favorite local places, experiment with our personal style, and eventually grow this community with contributors.

The sky’s the limit.

Thank you for your support!


Leah and Cruz.

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