monday tuna: vol. 28

Happy Monday everyone!

Cruz and I have been trying to catch up with all the visuals from Chicago, we've been staying up late putting content together for the next couple of weeks. Moments is happening this Saturday (which only means I've been glued to the computer screen editing video - it'll be a monster, don't know how I'll do it yet.) and then, just like that, another month has passed.

Speaking of that, this whole month I managed to upload an Arctic Monkeys song on every playlist - that's never happened before but I guess I was in the mood for 'em(thanks Peaky Blinders), I wanted to close the last playlist of September with one more and then I can continue to obsess over them in private (just like in 2006, sigh.).

It'll be a pretty busy week in the blog, stay tuned for posts on Wednesday, Friday AND Saturday.