kennedy mfg. co.

Simplicity is a subtle beauty. Classic should be synonymous with dependable, and as I've reached a certain age I look at things that I can tell will wear well and work right.

My sense of style has grown into a yearning desire to seek things built exceptionally for daily use. I'm fascinated by an object someone uses each day. As that object is used and wears down I admire it for the small reflection it has manifested over time demonstrative as a slice of it's bearer's life. The story that could be told through that item's eyes.

Shoes, a watch, a hat, a coat, or a damn good pair of slacks. In today's mass produced world, it's difficult finding an item you positively are able to call something reliable without question. An item you purchase without thought, something you care for so you may keep, something meaningful to getting through your daily life.  

Funny to think but pants have become that one item as I age more and more into my 30s I look closely at. For me, fit is everything. Fabric, details and price point mean very little if you're not comfortable with how they fit. When I say fit, I do not mean just how they feel at the waistline I'm referring to the fit throughout the seat, the thigh, the knee, the calf and finally how fall on your ankles. Those are couple specifics that can make or break a pair of pants for me.

That's asking a lot from a pair of pants right? However remember how you feel in them genuinely can effect the way you may carry yourself. How you carry yourself can impact the way you see yourself. I've found it difficult finding a well fitting pair of pants. I'm a difficult guy to fit since I'm not the tallest dude in the room who also happens to have some thick thighs and boasting some slender calves. I've been fortunate enough to find some wonderful companies producing trousers and jeans that fit incredibly well but due to my own body mechanics, I wind up with blown out seams or torn knees. These are things not caused by any fault by any means by the company but were simply because my body just does not fit that particular pant in the way it produced and designed for.  

So it's been a struggle until recently. By chance I came across a local urban wear shop carrying a particular brand I've been following for a year or so. I noticed a small cardboard placard sitting by the storefront window pushing “MADE IN THE USA” with the company carrying the name of a famous American family. I already knew a little bit about the company due to it's Instagram I began following sometime ago. I walked into the shop since I'm sucker for anything domestically made. The shop owner was there to help with any questions I had and we actually chatted for a few minutes about domestic made goods. On impulse I tried a pair of their chinos.


I fell hard in love for these pants. Kennedy Mfg. Co., or the Kennedy Denim Company as they are known as in some circles is honestly something special. The surplus chinos to me are frankly everything I want in a pant. The fit is just perfect. The fabric and that bit of stretch in the right place just makes wearing these a smooth ride all day. Those things matter. The price? The price is frankly rock solid affordable for a pair of pants manufactured in Los Angeles. The chinos are designed with simplicity is mind. A lightweight stretch twill fabric, slim fitting with a tapered leg, and welted back pockets. Everything you need for a well made classy chino. I do not have much of a selection of trousers in my closet simply because it was incredibly difficult finding the right fit for a solid everyday price.  

The chinos just hit every note right. A few weeks later I walked into that same local shop and purchased another pair without hesitation or effort. As I write this post I'm actually wearing a pair of their navy twill chinos right now. This is a product line from a company that I have no doubts in knowing I'm getting a quality built product and I have no concerns and make no considerations when purchasing them. I only know of a few companies that have won that unquestionable loyalty from me. Whoever the company may consist of, and whoever their pattern maker is and their contract manufacturer may be, first they're doing an incredible job at designing and producing incredibly well made products that represent classic garments in men's wear. They are having a complete blast with their product line by taking risks with them but selling them at an affordable price point. I constantly hope they don't go any where because I want to continue to purchase their product for as long as I can and wish them many many years of growth.

Kennedy is a small company based out of Los Angeles with humble beginnings. They are producing some wonderful work and growing with pride. Check out their selection at their website and please always remember to support local.