iron & resin rambler jacket

A denim jacket. I'll take a chance to say you got one hanging in your own closet. Heck it's hell of a bet some have several hanging up. They're classics. Like a good pair of blue jeans, you can't go wrong with one even when you're decked out head to toe in Canadian Tux.

One of my favorite brands is Ventura, California based Iron & Resin. They are one of the companies I feel hold on to what they are truly about when putting out any product. 

Sometime back I came across their Rambler jacket made corduroy fabric and indigo selvedge denim from Cone Denim. You'll also find this guy in several colors of Martexin Waxed Canvas and waxed denim,. Honestly this jacket wears like lightweight armor. Rigid with a slim fit, it starts breaking in after the first week. The details on this jacket are everything.

"Forged in California" and by that something I love to call Made in the USA. Nickle hardware  and interior zipper keeps you snug. Unlined and finished with corduroy fabric the jacket is designed with the intent for everyday use. Two tags and an I&R patch say very much on the how prideful these guys are at making their goods with domestic production.

I've only had this jacket since early spring of this year but I'm looking to hand it down to my own kid one day. If I take care of it it's honestly an heirloom piece that ages beautifully with time. I just need work up the energy and put it through that ringer called life. 

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