monday tuna: vol. 27

Hello friends! How was your week? Ours went by surprisingly slow, we came back from Chicago on Monday evening and went back to work until Wednesday because, ok fun story time... ya ready? Cruz and I had to go to a clinic on Tuesday to get checked for mumps. Yup!

Remember the Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears concert you saw in August's "Moments"? Cruz received an email Sunday stating an attendee had the mumps. I was relieved I didn't hang out with anyone before our trip or after Cruz went to that show. I was preparing my speech to our friends and people who were 'exposed' to us in the last 10 days, I was singing my very own exclusive version of "My Mumps" to myself and although I didn't want to have the fucking mumps the extra days of 'rest' would be nice, I thought.

We don't have the mumps, so fear not.

Wednesday through Friday felt like forever to me though, funny how you always feel the need for a vacation right after a... Vacation. I spent my weekend editing photos and trying to edit the monster of video files we took. I'm looking forward to this week though, I get to start seeing my regular familiar faces and I'm happy to be back home. Life's good. 

An Arctic Monkeys song again, you ask? I've just been super into them in the last month. It's nice to go back to your favorites and rediscover them in a different light, know what I mean? Alex Turner... call me; my husband's cool with you.

I hope your week goes by smoothly and enjoy this little playlist.