something old, something blue

My favorite thing about thrifting clothes is that you can freely experiment with them and not feel guilty if it doesn't pan out as you planned, whether its a piece that isn't totally your style or something you want to eventually customize.

I rarely find good denim jackets and when I do I always take them home - how many denim jackets are 'too many'? Well, that depends... The answer is completely up to you, are you a hoarder or not? Haha. In MY opinion, every jacket is different. The wash, the fit, the fabric, absolutely everything is individual about each one. Honestly, any sort of denim anything is a staple in my wardrobe, they're also easy to pass on to friends or family. A denim jacket is classic, timeless. This is how I justify my purchases ;).

I've been wanting a varsity jacket for the longest time, and when I came across the huge tiger patch on ebay, I thought I'd make my own version of it. I purchased the letters in Michaels and I ironed everything in place before I took it to get sewn in.

Don't be afraid to take risks with your vintage purchases, most of the clothing is super inexpensive, I think I paid 3 dollars for that jacket and I really like the results, best of all? It's something that's completely unique to you.

This isn't the most subtle jacket, but nor am I so we make a good match.

Do you change anything about the clothes you thrift?