quimby's bookstore

When I first visited Chicago back in 2012, I remember Cruz telling me about an awesome store, and man what can I say, my guy knows my weaknesses. The very first time I went to Quimby's... it was a mouthful. This is a place that has tons of stuff everywhere, where you can spend hours and hours, this is a place that welcomes you to stay for hours and hours.

Quimby’s is where you go if you want to get your hands stuff from local, independent creators or bigger publications. Zines, games, books, notebooks, comic books, magazines that cover a wide range of topics from cooking, music, motherhood, politics, LGBT, art (of any form/media: collages, photography, drawings, paintings, digital media) and humor. If that doesn’t spark your interest (first of all - WHY?) there’s also an old school photobooth. Yup, pretty neat. 

It’s locally owned and honestly gives Wicker Park some soul (the vibe of this neighborhood has changed so much since 2012), if I lived in Chicago I would definitely be a constant face these nice folks would have to put up with.

One of the first things I knew I wanted to do when we arrived to Chicago was go to Quimby's, I love going through everything, sitting and reading for a while, flipping through magazines you had no idea were being published, the smell of the paper as you turn pages of a brand new book, the different things strangers have to say in their zines. And of course, that beautiful photobooth.

I had a laugh seeing Cruz and our two friends… Three grown up men trying to fit into the photobooth, it was great.

On their website they have a list of “Quimby’s-like stores” and there’s a few in LA that I’ll be definitely checking out since they’re not that far from me. I’ll keep you updated on that though, my fellow southern Californian friends. 

I've never been anywhere that is anything like Quimby’s, maybe that’s why it’s so special, why it speaks to me – weird place, with weird stuff, for a weirdo like myself. If you're from Chicago, please do yourself and pay them a visit if you haven't already.

It really is my heaven on earth. 

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