the living room

If you were to go to my family's house, where I grew up you would notice the mix and match of things, when my father lived he had his childhood train in his studio and pimped it out with new cars and created a small town, you'll find art from Chiapas, paintings from friends, paintings that were inherited, a painting of a dead and bloated Winnie Pooh (made by yours truly - he is supposed to be enjoying the forest. Whatever.), family pictures, carved stone sculptures, Mexican handmade items, African figurines, a small town in a huge fish tank, turkish rugs, catholic symbolisms and heck, if my memory doesn't fail me there's even a cup made of bulls testicles bought and brought from Chiapas as well. All gifts and collections from travels, When my friends used to come over they commented on how 'cozy' it felt. 

I grew up surrounded and exposed to this, this is all I know, this is where I come from. When I moved on my own and had to arrange my living situation I already had most of my music and movies which is all that was precious to me as a teenager (and still is) but little by little started to collect and find furniture and different things. I feel really lucky that in the end all those different things look pretty good together, or at least I think so. 

I feel really lucky that Cruz trusts me and has let me do whatever I want with the place. As you can tell, our living room is filled with family pictures and random, weird items. Most of them are either thrifted, from discount stores, ikea or from some of our favorite local shops. Like the candle on the top right made by a company called Let's put a bird on it (Portlandia fans, ya get me?) called Crazy Cat Lady (HELLO? ME.) that smells INCREDIBLE. Or the beautiful Light Leaves Boob Pot by Group Partner that we got locally as well.

Honestly my very favorite thing about this room is the credenza. It took us a long time to find the 'one' and although it was a big investment, I know we will own it and love it for a long, long time. 

I try to leave quirky, little details around that people might not notice at first glance. I understand that there's a lot of shit to take in and if you ever come to my house feel free to stay and stare for however long you please - oh! and plants, plants are a must.

So, cozy is not what I'm going for, but I'm not going for anything really. I can't deny though, that this room sums me up pretty spot on, I love a lot of different things and like them to be together. I'm a random, complex person with a lot of interests - I feel like a person's home speaks a lot about them, and ours is a perfect combination of my mister and I. Although most of this shit is mine because if you were to describe Cruz in any word, ANY WORD, hoarder would never be in that letter soup. So this room is saying 'Girl, you do your thing and as your man, I will like it and be happy with it'. Sweeeet, huh?

To give you a bit of history, when we bought the house we were told it had foundation issues that were corrected by an engineer when the house was flipped. And when we first saw this house I thought "those wall panels GOTTA GO'", I wanted my white smooth walls and as soon as we moved in taking those panels down was our very first project. We struggled to get the first panel down but when it came off we noticed a huge, YUUUGE (love u Bernie) horizontal crack on the wall. And at that point we decided to stop and put the gross old panel back up, since this is a bigger project than we imagined we will have professional help, Cruz's dad who's a Carpenter by trade will help us get that in order soon enough. THIS AINT OVER YET PANELS, Y'ALL GOING. Check out the picture above to see the remains of our damage.

We have big plans for this house. Eventually this room will be our dinning room. EVENTUALLY. These things take time and money, planning for now is good enough for us. And even when we're done with this room I feel there will always be a project and that's pretty fucking exciting. 

Thank you for reading and let me know if there's a specific home post (or any type of post) you'd like to see in the future.