moments: august 2016

Hi guys!

This month was what I can only imagine menopause feels like. Work was crazy and that made both of us a bit of hermits - I struggled with work because July came and went and left a shitstorm, There's been so many changes and training's I've been responsible for,  Cruz and I are going to Chicago by the end of this week, though! So I had to make sure all my ends (work wise) were tied. So, Chicago! Yeah! We're super excited, we definitely need a BREAK.

We managed to consistently go to the gym, spend quality time with special people and eachother - I really want to be better about filming or not forget my memory card when we go out and do stuff but take my word for it, it happened - but some of the footage you'll see in this video is actually from my iphone, which I have to admit I'm super impressed by.

Concert-wise, we saw Kurt Vile and the Violators and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears which were GRRREAT, We also went to an awesome wedding IN A MUSEUM and got full-on obsessed with Peaky Blinders (you can catch it in Netflix and we highly, HIGHLY recommend it.) we went through those three seasons like it was nothin'! Since we're all caught up with them, we starting watching The Night Of... which is a crime series on HBO and it's really good so far, we're only on the first three episodes (I'll be bold and recommend that as well even if we haven't finished it - there.). Aside from house chores, spending time with out 4 legged dudes - that's it! August pranced away, and God I'm glad it's over. 

I'm positive September is going to be fucking awesome. Not only will I get to see friends I haven't seen in a long time but I get to be on vacation. I'm so excited for Chicago (can you tell?) and also for what we're planning for the blog in the future - I can't wait to show you.

Until next month, friends!