lipstick therapy


One of my favorite drugstore brands is Wet n' Wild. Not only are they Cruelty Free but they put out quality, and super affordable products. This MegaLast Lip Color is a lipstick that cost a mere $1.99. It's matte, goes on pretty smooth and has an impressive lasting power. For the price it really can't get better than that. I totally recommend you check the rest of the line out if you don't feel like dropping big bucks on a good lipstick ($1.99? c'mon!). There's also a YUUGE range of colors to pick from.

I'm often drawn to deeper lip colors and although I support a bold lip year round, I always know when spring/summer's rolling up the color hues get more and more  saturated. When it comes to beautiful brighter reds, pinks or oranges I feel completely out of my comfort zone. But because I'm human and I am constantly working on not 'sweating the small stuff', specially on silly things like lipstick (but hey, we all fight different battles, right?) I put my bravest face on and go to the grocery store with my bright orange lips that let's face it, nobody but me fucking notices.

What small things do you do to push yourself out of your comfort zone?

On muh lips: Wet n' Wild in 970 Purty Persimmon/Reflet Orangé