pallet magazine

I'm a strange and curious man when it comes to my understanding of stories pertaining to the lives of others. I'm the kind of guy who wants story telling to start by me being that guy sitting on his porch, watching his neighbor pull into their driveway and I shouting an invite to come over and share a beer. A liquid token I have for them to start a good conversation. That's gold right there.

I love beer. I love craft beer and I'm grateful to call San Diego my home and blessed that the county is over flowing with a whole lot of it. I love the culture surrounded by it and the profoundly generous and talented people driving the industry. I soak up every bit of it and support it in any way possible. When I came across a wonderful publication called Pallet Magazine and it's collective objective of using beer as a way to bind people together around their stories, the conversations they are capable of having, the work they producing, the art and culture they are procuring and performing. As they say it's a magazine for those who like to drink and think. 

Pallet Magazine is a quarterly published magazine produced by some good folks who have several years under the belts with their time at another favorite of mine Frankie Press and Smith Journal. Pallet Magazine is still young in it's publication run and only in it's fourth volume. With it you'll find everything from home brew themed recipes, to conversations with artists and actors, the stories behind the truck haulers and the life on the road, the brews we drink and the stories behind it, to just about everything and anything for those who are genuinely curious about the world around them. The magazine keeps it interesting and never writes the same content twice. Infinitely interested and always staying thirsty for new things. 

Pallet Magazine is worth picking up a volume and spending some time with it over a beer. I find it essential because it concerns an industry I care about and continually keeps me intrigued and invested in things that never cross my mind. It's a magazine invested in the people that come across it. Beer just happens to become the common factor between us all.