moments: july 2016

Guys! Guys, it's already AUGUST. Why does time fly by as you're getting older? At least that's how I feel. To be totally honest July was a weird month, don't get me wrong awesome shit happened like, my best friend/ex-roommate and I saw FLIGHT OF THE MOTHERFUCKING CONCHORDS, and as a little bonus Dimitri Martin opened for them (it was a total surprise and as we were leaving I touched him - wow, total fan girl here...) FOTC tho, those guys still got it going on. Seeing them was a total dream come true, I genuinely never thought that would happen, it was great.

We watched all six seasons of Game of Thrones and binge watched Stranger Things (did you check out last Monday Tuna's playlist dedicated to the show? You should totally listen to it.) and I've been reading all the fan 'conspiracy theories'. Can't wait for season 2.

The rest of the month I felt super unmotivated to do anything creative but the funny thing about making these little videos is that it really does push Cruz and I to document, go out and do stuff, make plans or even just drive around. I was super worried this video was gonna suck because we didn't have enough footage (or so I thought), but low and behold I had clips and clips and clips to go through and edit. Felt pretty good. July wasn't bad, everyone has good and bad days, I guess. What's important is to keep moving, create and it'll all come back. 

This video is way longer and different than the others, mainly because I decided to add clips from some shows Cruz and our true pal, Angel (who's been in all our moments - OKAY) went to and there's some chatty parts as well, which is something that is new for us. 

Hope you enjoy!