imperial barber grade

When I started the 9 TO 5 project I sought out to create a guide for quality lifestyle goods that are produced with pride by people who make a living making that product. I can throw my support behind any product that has story built by people like that.

Lately I've been doing some things different with myself. I've always been pretty basic when it comes to my hair. Cut it short and let it grow, and I'm fortunate for good hair genes that this head of hair grows back quickly like weeds. This time I decided to try something else. I made an appointment at The Dover Honing Co. and talked to Steven about what I was looking for. I got a cut along the lines of an undercut and have maintained it for several months now. I'm happy with the style and have received so many compliments. I genuinely thank Steven for helping me with that. 

It takes work and care to make something truly yours. Your hair needs some TLC so I started looking into pomades. There are a number of options out there for pomades ranging from oil based, water based and clay. My hair tends to grow thick and straight with some buildup so I've been building up a small collection and see how well they work with my hair type. 

The first pomade I picked up was the Matte Pomade Paste from Imperial Barber Grade Products 

Imperial makes a number of great products that I'm working on adding to my collection and making them work in a couple different ways when I need them. I had a good experience with their matte pomade paste. It's a lightweight option for my hair type that gives it enough hold while allowing me to maintain some flexibility whenever I want to restyle my hair later in the day. It's a product that let's me have some fun with styling my hair and be experimental. Oddly it's something I never thought I'd enjoy as much. It's a perfect option for when the summer heat is too much for this thick head of hair.

I'm looking forward to trying other products from Imperial and other brands, tinkering with styling tips and ideas and expanding the way I share with you the story behind each of these incredibly made products. Thanks!