moments: june 2016

I know this sounds like a total cliché but man is this year flying by! June has ended already and before we know it we'll be celebrating New Years and starting a brand new year all over again. Life never stops and it's up to us to not only make the most of it but to also sit down and enjoy the show every now and then. June was an interesting month to say the least. We got to spend a lot of quality time with special people, met internet friends in person, discovered cool new shops, new music, Cruz passed another medical billing exam for his course with a score of 100 (can I have your brain?!), birthdays, EXTREMELY surprising wedding announcements - I mean, thanks for keeping me on my toes, June. 

Now Cruz and I get to be your weird friends that take their camera out and start filming what we're doing out of the blue while you're trying to have a peaceful meal. I want to remember everything, forever. These are our Moments for June. Enjoy friends!