vintage finds: palm springs

When I walk into a thrift store I dive in with a hopeful heart. Like most people who enjoy buying second hand, I can spend hours in a thrift store treasure hunting. Sometimes you score, sometimes you don't - it's about not having an expectation, not putting pressure into the experience but to just.. kind of let go and let shit find you. 

My favorite part about thrifting is that you can find anything and everything - people donate/sell the weirdest things, and I'm here to collect them. The weirder, the better! You can find all these unique things in perfect, salvageable or rugged condition and you get to choose if they fit into your family or not.You can find an item that was made by someone, loved by someone, gifted by that special person, used every single day (or not) - sometimes I make up stories about why someone would donate an item that I particularly consider super rad; maybe a broken heart? maybe they're sense of style changed? maybe they had to move and couldn't bring much? or maybe they just needed a clean slate. All these things they kinda tell a story, they come from somewhere and for whatever reason they were let go of.

Thrifting inspires me, it gives me ideas, it's hard to explain it and here I am talking about it like it's some sort of religious experience. But, it's just so darn special and personal to me, it's my 'me' time. It genuinely makes me happy so I'm giving it a little piece of the internet, I will have my own little corner where I can show you all the weirdness I come across and share the inspiration. 

These finds aren't weird, but like everything I find, they're special in their own little way. 

Here it is, 'vintage finds' numero uno.


Without a doubt handmade ceramics are my number one favorite thrift finds, specially when the artisan's name is in it and the year. This one even has drainage holes *heart eyes*. Thanks Bobb (?), I'll take care of your little dude.




I saw something that looked almost exactly like this at West Elm for FIFTY TWO DOLLARS the other day. I'm not kidding and I'm not stingy, when I really like something I go for it - I do. not. care. how much it is I will save and get it. I absolutely mean no disrespect to the person who made it but DUDE. $52.00?! Damn. It inspired me to go through things I want from overpriced retailers and attempt to remake their shit for a dime - there's probably a tutorial in pinterest for that but what the hell, right?     Anyway, I really liked this. I loved the rust, the colors and, of course, the price was right. 


These paintings made in the 70's are just beautiful. The colors are so vibrant, the photos don't do them justice.


Cruz says no more serve-ware, I say - why not? When I saw this handmade chip n' dip platter I couldn't leave it. It's practically perfect in every way. Some people think buying "things you eat out of" from the thrift store is disgusting. I don't agree but I will have fun telling them its vintage after they eat guac out of it in our housewarming party. HA!





This was a guilt purchase. Don't get me wrong, it's cute but I already own one and I don't drink enough coffee or tea nor do I host enough breakfasts that would help me justify buying a second. Also, coffee machines. Totally contradicting myself after I bought that chip n' dip, right? Wrong! Chips and salsa are a toootally different ballpark (at least for me) but I digress. Story time and facts about me: When I was looking at this glass carafe the top part of the lid came off, it fell to the ground making the loudest noise the smallest piece of plastic can make. I thought I had broken it so I came up to the lady who owns the shop and I offered to buy it - she insisted that if I didn't want it I didn't have to buy it, that it was not broken and as comfortable as I am expressing my emotions to people when it comes down to me feeling like I'm fucking with someone's business? I just can't - please, just take my money. I know someone who'll appreciate this and will gift it to. So it's not all that bad.


This is Cruz's purchase. He was excited to pick up this banner as a memento of our trip and its also a nice addition to his small but growing collection of banners.


And my favorite of the bunch. This African tribal indigo mud cloth is an amazing beautiful piece. Lately I've been super inspired and want to start dyeing everything indigo, learn different techniques and patterns. Study the history and how different cultures utilize indigo. I'm unsure as to how old this is, but for it's sake I have been trying to keep it away from Cleo, Cujo and Bowie as much as possible (if you're a pet owner you feel me) - I swear they haven't even laid in it and there's Cujo's hairs on it already haha (look the pics below) - how even? My life is covered in pet hair but I love it - just don't dig into my old african blanket, shorties (you can't read but mama loves you).

If any of you thrift I would love to know what's the weirdest thing you've ever found? Please let me know!