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I was having a conversation with my best friend the other day, I’d been trying to get her to watch YouTube videos for the longest time and she would always say she thought it was boring but that day she sat right next to me and said: “I’m obsessed with YouTube.” - I gasped. Man was I stoked, we spent most of the night talking about Jeffree Star and how hilarious he is, his products and we somehow got lost in a highlighter vortex. 

What I love about makeup is that you can do whatever you want with it, show your personality, express yourself, maybe even challenge yourself in a way(hands up if ya felt shy the first time you wore red lipstick but loved it? I’m right there with you). While my friend wants to take her highlighting game to 'beautiful beaming human’ level, I’m more of a ‘I woke up like this - eyeliner and all’ kind of gal. You can work with whatever you got and make it your own. If you want a more intense highlight she has a tip for you: wet. your. brush. 

As a person who usually has dehydrated skin, I always aim to have my skin lookin' dewy and with that ~natural~ healthy glow. When it comes to my makeup on a day-to-day basis, I’m super low maintenance/lazy. To be honest, it depends on how late I am for work, there you go! 

It’s glowing season (when isn’t it though?) and I’m pretty excited about what comes with it: new launches and re-discovering some of my old faithfuls that I for some reason stopped using. The following products are what I always have on rotation: 





This is the Ambient Powder in Diffused Light. I use this all over the face, I have to admit that at first I really didn't understand the hype but one day I caught my reflection in a mirror as I was passing by and I noticed that my skin looked so good that day and I remembered that I had this on, it's super subtle but I find the finish to be beautiful.


Treat yo self. You can find this in Sephora.




The Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlight-01. I got this mini about 8 months to a year ago, I have consistently used it and it barely has a dent. Saying that a highlighter is matte is kind of a weird thing but it works, its beautiful. I love products that are also versatile, I also use this in my eye's inner corners and in my brow bone.


Treat yo self. You can find this in Sephora.




Shimmering Skin Perfector - Pressed in Opal. Becca is one of my favorite brands. Their products are awesome, the quality is incredible. You definitely get what you pay for. This highlighter is so goddamn buttery and pigmented - it's crazy. I use this as an eyeshadow too. 


Treat yo self. You can find this in Sephora.




Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Gace Disc. This was a gift from my aunt - she's obsessed with QVC and she bought this and gave it to me because it didn't work for her. As you can see it has been very well loved. I love products like these, I open it, contour, highlight put blush on and I'm done. It's not bulky at all and the pigment is pretty fantastic. This is the first time I'd ever tried It Cosmetics but I'm excited to try their foundations. Soon.


Treat yo self. You can find this in QVC.






Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25+ in Pearl. This bottle will bury me. Remember what I said about the Becca pressed powder before? "you get what you pay for" - you do! this is 1.7 fl oz and I have not seen the end of it, the tiniest amount of product goes suuch a long way. I love to combine this with some foundations so that dewiness is there (even if the foundation is matte), you can put it with your primer or in your CC Cream for that extra glow - the combinations are endless. If it's liquid, combine it, wear it and glow on.

I've gotten a couple of highlighter/shimmers that look kind of awkward with my skin tone and I have found that putting a bit of Pearl in them really does make them more wearable, it makes a big difference.


Treat yo self. You can find this at Sephora.




Haloscope highlighter in Quartz. Glossier is a brand that I've been wanting to try for the longest time, not only is their branding on point but their products have great reviews as well. This was my first Glossier purchase and I. AM. IN. LOVE. I don't usually go for cream highlighters because I feel like they cling to my skin but this guy, it melts like butter as you work it in with your fingers and it blends fucking flawlessly. This product is described as a "dew effect highlighter" and that's exactly what it does. It's not in-your-face shiny, but it gives you the perfect, natural glow. dkjsdkla. I will definitely start growing my Glossier collection soon. Swoon.

Treat yo self. You can find this at Glossier.



Knock Out Beauty Skin Glow in Golden Gloves. Alright if you're a sucker for packaging like me, I'm sure you'll fall for this one too! As soon as I saw it announced I made my way to my local Target to snatch it. I know I shouldn't limit myself on using this but its so cool I don't want to mess it up. The texture is super buttery and it's the perfect shade to use it as a bronzer/highlighter when I'm feeling extra lazy. The mirror says "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" and who wouldn't like to look at that when you just woke up? 

Treat yo self. You can find this at Target.


PIXI by Petra

Glow Mist with Propolis and Argan Oil. If you want to skip everything else (but why?) and just use this guy you would be good to go. This finishing spray is unlike any other I've tried before! You need to shake it before using it and you'll see the finest shimmery particles floating around, it's not only super hydrating but it really does give you the most effortless glow.

Treat yo self. You can find this at Target.

So, are you in the highlighter bandwagon? Which one(s) are you currently using? Have you tried any of the ones featured here? 

Shine on you crazy diamond.