monday tuna: vol. 16

This prior weekend we all heard of the tragic event that unfolded at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. We want to express our greatest sympathies and prayers to the individuals and families afflicted by this senseless and cruel act of violence. 

It's 2016 and unfortunately we continue to grapple with the modern realities of bigotry and hatred in our society. Whatever the gunman's reasons for committing his atrocious and vile act it will never excuse the savage loss of innocent life he created. We should be all equal in the eyes and hearts of one another and take solace in our humble human existence. Love each other boundlessly, don't give in to ill will, malice or the desire to alienate one another. 

The world is filled with a lot of people. It's mostly filled with good people who need your love to cope and love again in the times of their loss. We want to believe there are no evil people in the world. We want to believe there are some people who are troubled somehow with the thirst to do great evil deeds. We hope to believe one day that love, humility and empathy can rid this thirst. 

Please be kind to each other. The world shouldn't be this complicated and please love one another and never forget you all are only human in the end. 

If you want to help out with the victims of the Pulse Night Club shooting, there are a number of ways to help out. A donation page hosted by GoFundMe is available here

Have a better week folks and know we can be better. 


-Leah and Cruz