bedroom update

Our bedroom is finished!... for now. Although we have plans to expand the house and make a lot of structural changes, we have gotten quite settled in and are enjoying the process of putting everything together.

I tried to balance this room as much as possible since I do share it with my husband so I added as many elements that reminded me of him. I'm lucky enough that he trusts my taste and we like most of the same things, wood, indigo and pale tones were in our color palate.

This glass wall piece is one of my favorite vintage finds I use it to display my sunglasses, I feel like it blends well with all our family pictures. The handmade necklace that is on the opposite picture is a little project Cruz made in elementary school. His mom sent it to me recently and it's really dear to me.

The vanity displays candles, vintage jewelry holders, ceramic vases and mineral stones that I've acquired through flea markets and thrift stores.

I know I mentioned that I wanted "clean, minimal, modern lines" and although I do get really inspired by that concept whenever I decorate, all my stuff always ends up in display - I can't help it, this is ME. I like knick knacks, I love quirky, personal touches I love when a space shows personality.

Since this corner of the room didn't have a window and the side wall is so busy with pictures and an antique vanity, I tried to balance the empty space with a simple handmade eye crystal made by Short Tail Shop that is placed right next to the huge art piece that is hanging above our bed. 

On a final note, do you use Bloglovin'? 'Cause we just subscribed, here's ur little shameless plug - feel free to follow if you feel inclined. Have an awesome rest of your day.