customize your thrifted jeans

I'll admit it, for some reason buying used pants-or-anything-close-to-my-crotch gave me the chills, but as I eased into thrifting clothing, this was the inevitable - now after careful targeted garment inspection I'm unstoppable. When I shop, I notice the colors first, then feel the fabric. These jeans are sturdy, I can already tell I'll own this pair for a good amount of years, they're made by Levi's for Target and they're the best $2.95 I've ever spent.

As I've mentioned before, what better way to experiment with clothing than with thrifted garments? It's not only a cheap way to customize and make your piece unique to you but it's also a pretty cool learning experience.

I have a good collection of patches I've accumulated for a while so I thought I'd show you how I customized and gave these adopted jeans a new life.

You want to start off by deciding what length you want your jeans to be, these were near my ankles so I didn't want to cut much more off. I started by cutting vertically into the hem, then cut horizontally super close to the stitching (this helped me cut a straight line).

After I was done cutting the bottom of the jeans I started shaving the edges to help push some of the fibers out.

Denim has a twill weave pattern, that means that two or more sets of yarns are interlaced at right angles to each other, one vertically and one horizontally. In this case the blue cotton is twilled vertically and the white cotton horizontally. With my tweezers I started pulling the blue threads and as you pull the thread you leave the white horizontal threads exposed. 

I have to tell you though, if you want to do a project like this, make sure you have the time. I sat down and watched a couple of episodes of Black Mirror with Cruz whilst I was working on this and I felt like I did a pretty decent job. It's nothing crazy, and since I wanted to throw in some of my patches as well, I thought this had a pretty good balance. 

People suggest throwing these in for a wash after you're done to create that worn in distressed look but I feel like you don't have to, unless you want to (I did it).


If you live in San Diego and want to spice up your patch game, check out Little Dame Shop, Gym Standard and Laloupe Vintage. Find all info for patches pictured below:

  1. Sorry not sorry patch (Rosehound Apparel)
  2. Fox (Thrifted)
  3. Sunburnt (Little Dame Shop / artist: Gentle Thrills)
  4. Crazy Crazy Mama (La Loupe Vintage)
  5. Neon Heart Patch (Penelope's (whilst in Chicago) / artist: Chris Uphues)
  6. Hand/Cigarrete (Little Dame Shop / artist: Danny Brito)

I gotta admit, I learned so much about denim with this post. Textiles are definitely interesting and I feel like we take their quality for granted sometimes. 

Two questions: Does it gross you out to put your crotch on a used-by-who-knows-who pair of pants? and do you wanna see more vintage DIY's?

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