6 thrifted finds from october

I’m a sucker for items that remind me of loved ones… especially mi dad. When my dad was a kid, his friends would reference him as a “frog”, I don’t know why if I’m completely honest with you but for as long as I can remember, we’ve had figurines of frogs around the house and every time I see them I think of him. One day I was walking around Goodwill and I saw this little stool/table and I was immediately drawn to it, not only because it’s a frog but it’s super weird. It looks homemade, the legs are super glued, the paint is a little worn on some areas but I love it. Made me think for something I can put in my kid’s bedroom eventually, for now it holds my little fig tree.

I’m always, always looking for frames and art. I found an original abstract painting, an Elvis and Johnny Cash poster and Cruz surprised me with a print he found of a Yoshitomo Nara piece. He’s one of my favorite artists, when I met my best friend in College we used to talk about his art and she said his illustration’s faces/expressions reminded her of me. I wonder why? ;)

I was a little bummed to not find a lot of goodies when we went to Chicago, I think I felt a little distracted or tired or overwhelmed, or maybe I just went in a bad week. I was able to find a cute little plant vase that I’ll use for my little air plant that I got in Pigment and I scored on some Gonzo, Bukowski books that I gave as a gift to a friend and my guy and kept the very shocking find of Grace Coddington’s Memoir “Grace”.

I’ve felt pretty unmotivated to thrift, which is shocking since it’s something I really cherish doing. I think October was just fucking weird for me, feel so unmotivated creatively and I feel that takes a toll on me in every aspect of my life. You know what I mean?

Funks will be funks, the only thing I can do to work through it is to acknowledge it and keep moving. Right? 

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