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A house is not really a home without those special details, it's really great to see all these small businesses carry those great, quirky items that you might not know you needed and at the same time to get that instant gratification of taking it home vs. waiting for it to come to you in the mail. I love discovering new brands through these curated shops owned by people who are genuinely passionate about what they sell.


I won't lie, Maven always brings me in for the boobs. I've been wanting these Gravel & Gold pillow covers FOR EVER and one day after work I stopped by to get a gift for a friend and when I saw them I went into treat yo' self mode. I'm afraid theres not much more to say than, the quality is great, Cleo loves them, and I'm a satisfied customer.

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I love thinking about the time I got this Cold Picnic Private Parts Bathmat... Some friends from Chicago were visiting and we were walking around after having breakfast in Antique Row - now, before I go on, I must tell you something: Cruz knows my weaknesses and he knows them well. We walked right in front of Maven, he stopped by their front window and asked if I wanted to go in, I said no. Trust me, I wanted to, but I'd gone in a treat yo' self craze the past month and I wanted to be strong, then he signaled the mat and asked "are you sure?" I looked at him and immediately went inside to get it. I told you he knows me. It's a bathmat, but I don't use it as a so, I prefer to have it in our bedroom, and I love it so much. I have very serious plans in getting her bigger sister. Soon enough, though.

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Who doesn't love Group Partner? After months and months of holding off on buying one online, I found out Edwin was carrying them and it didn't take me long before we made our way to his shop to get my gal. Then after few months passed, Cruz and I were hanging out near the store and decided to stop by and we ended up adopting Pat, he's pretty cute if ya ask me. I love going to Gym Standard, not only is Edwin super nice, but he has an amazing eye. His shop is carefully curated, from the patches and pins, to the magazines, shirts, totes, homewares and shoes.

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I discovered this awesome vintage shop through instagram. La loupe carries jewelry, clothing even homewares made by local artisans. You'll also be able to find awesome, natural skin care products, candles and of course Vintage duds, handbags, patches and shoes. I was checking out this candle and it smells amazing, like a warm, cozy, netflix and pizza kind of night. If that doesn't make you want to smell it, I honestly don't know what will.

La Loupe Vintage  |   Let's Put A Bird On It


Pigment is definitely the best place to go get yourself a pretty air plant. They have the biggest selection, I've seen some I didn't even know existed. The thing about air plants and I is that they always die on me - I don't mean to kill them, I don't do it on purpose, I just don't think they like me very much. I want to find the perfect balance, they're so moody, so touchy, we have so much in common... you'd think we'd get along, right? It's a work in progress.

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Treat yo' self.

Which are your favorite local shops?

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