feel good: mercedes zapata

For some people that I know feeling good is about reflecting back on the things you've done and understanding what those things have done for others. You take pride in living out your passions and in the process you wind up inspiring others. In the end you come full circle and it positively transforms the way you feel about yourself, the people around you and the community you live in.

I use photography and my art to help understand and express things about myself. I find it remarkable when someone else is able to take a picture of me and the perspective I have of myself dramatically shifts to where I can't help but feel good about myself. I strive to do the same for others with my photography and help their sense of identity, community and confidence flourish. Mercedes Zapata, a Chicago based photographer and creative, has this mindset at the heart of all her work.

On my trip to Chicago I got a chance to catch up with her over coffee at La Catrina Cafe. She shared her thoughts and experiences on the beautiful Pilsen community that she lovingly calls home. She opened up about the innate unique sense of pride Chicagoans call their own, and compassionately expressed her beliefs on the unshakable sense of unity and identity Hispanics have grown in Chicago. We talked feminism and what kind of impact it has in her work. Watch Mercedes in the video below talk about her work, her passions and the city she calls home.

To see more of Mercedes' work find her on: Instagram and Facebook


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