beer cap magnets

Not exactly "build a beer" yet but build a fun little project with beer caps? Yes, yes I shall. I'm obsessed with these tiny under appreciated caps covering the fermented goodness that lies within these dark brown bottles. Most folks have the habit of popping a cold one and tossing it in the trash. Nope, not me! I've got a collection as an ode to the men and women who brew to live, to the creative minds burning the midnight oil to design the art plastered atop this aluminum crimped tops and a sign to where my own beer palate has ventured sally forth!

I wasn't really sure what to do with this budding collection of mine. I've got a few ideas that involve a ton of glue, lots of resin, a make shift table and definitely some patience for the messy cleanup! My first idea is pretty simple and it's kinda bringing it back home.


Simple enough, but I have to remember that I'm not a fan of a scratched fridge and the crimped edges of a bottle cap have a history of scratching surfaces very easily.  I took a hot glue gun and applied a generous portion of glue under the cap to give it a bit of surface lift. I took small craft magnets and gently pressed them lightly against the glue and let it dry.  

Afterwards get creative and slap them up on your fridge wherever you like and reclaim the face of your fridge as your own! GIVE IT SOME LIFE!

I have a couple other ideas to reuse the remnants of damn good beer and I'll be exploring that in a few projects coming up, so stayed tune. 

Thank you and Cheers!