moments: september 2016

September was frankly a good month to end the summer for Leah and I. A lot funky stuff happened and it was more than we expected when we planned ahead  some time back. We started the month on a good note by taking some much needed time off to visit my home town Chicago. 

We brought back a good assortment of goods and definitely what I call a lot of beer. I bought a large check on just to stuff in the glorious canned and bottled goods. The only thing I didn't get a chance at bringing back was the godly peach lacto pale ale from Half Acre Beer. You'll see it in the video down below and trust me if you love good beer, you'll be drooling.

We made pit stops at a couple places featured in this month's Moments. The first was a must for us after seeing it on Chicago's Best. It's a classy small joint called Whisk near the Ukrainian Village.  It's adorned with photos and paintings of Nick Offerman's character "Ron Swanson" from the show Parks and Rec. This place has you sitting in some beautiful vintage booths while Ron looks down at you belittling you with his beastly stares as you chow down on your tasty tasty breakfast. This place was a must but we recommend avoiding the long lines on the weekend and just enjoying yourself on the weekdays.

Leah got her first taste of a hometown classic Ricobene's. She learned that Ricobene's is good for a heavy afternoon meal or something more akin to quelling your late night (or daytime) drinking.

September was filled with chances to talk and reminisce with friends and family. Deep hearted conversations about life as it was, what it is and what it can be. I think here is where we learned September packed a serious reflective and coming of age punch. We learned a lot of about ourselves and our friends and family after a good trip like that. 

And yet too short we hopped a plane back to the west coast and honestly it felt so much like home when we landed on the pacific coast. The time we were in Chicago really helped us appreciate San Diego even more. There is so much to make happen here. 

Something about Chicago and the way we filmed it, when I think about it, was all through my eyes. Chicago is the city I was born and raised. I know how it feels and how it looks. It has changed so much but I can tell the difference between what it was and what it is now. However Leah has never truly experienced what this city has to offer. Reflecting back I'm incredibly happy she got a chance to experience with such wonder lust and curiosity. I'm incredibly grateful to have captured it in a way where it's like I was giving this awesome tour of a city that raise me and to show the best of it to someone I love. It makes me appreciate Chicago and my new home San Diego more than I can describe. 

Now back home were spending it planning, actively creating new projects and editing a TON of good footage. We have things coming up with friends and family here. We also have some solid work coming up and some good changes on the horizon. I got a chance to meet and talk with wonderfully talented local designer Chris Nakamura who owns a shoe brand ZZYXX. It was a incredible pleasure and honor to speak with him about footwear, music, trends and just how we passionately embark on anything we create. I got a chance to capture some of our conversation on video and I'll have that up for him on our site soon. 

October has a lot coming up and we're excited to be developing new opportunities for ourselves and working with others in our community of contributors to create something incredibly special. If you're interested in seeing more about our trip to Chicago check our "Travels" section on the side bar. Thanks for watching and reach out to us! To those who are making cameos in the our Moments video below we thank and love you all!