young hickory: workspace solitude

Working from home, the dream right? The comforts and serenity that comes with the roof that hovers over your head whenever you come back from a day of labor. It's not always what you hope though. 

Sometimes home life is distracting to your work life. I can attest to that. I love spending time with my fur kids at home on my days off working away on my home grown business. However, I can't. There is way too much to be done around the house and things to attend to. What I'm trying to focus on sometimes get thrown on the back burner. 

 Finding a work space solitude is what I aim for on days like this. 

So for the last few weeks, every off day I have to attend to my home grown business, I walk up to  University boulevard and find a stool at Young Hickory. 


I've found this small cafe incredibly modest in it's approach. I've also found very little distractions to the workload I have planned for myself. I order my iced coffee, expensed of course, tucker down and type away formulating forms and making sure the dots in front of me all connect.

young hickory-5.jpg

I can honestly say I enjoy coming here. Some of the staff are recognizing me as a regular over the last few weeks (love that. Any business that recognizes their customers for any reason is awesome under my own dictionary.) The folks that join me in the seats amongst me are just like me looking for a little solitude away just to get some work done. Young Hickory and it's patrons are almost virtually in their own little bubble each and to my slow sapped appreciation it's very welcoming. 

Their coffee is solid, their sandwiches are remarkable. Seriously please try "The Berto." It's frankly one of the best sandwiches I've had. Simple in ingredients and at the same time detracting to guy like myself. Leah can uphold the fact I'm not the biggest fans of avocado. This grilled pressed concoction at Young Hickory is overloaded with it, and you know what, it's f'n delicious. The sourdough bread has tasty Tapatio hot sauced hot pressed into, tons of fresh avocado and pepper jack cheese melted to a gooey perfection. It's 11:33 PM as I write this and I'm honestly considering running my salivating self to Young Hickory to get one. It is open till 12 AM after all.

After gulping one of their great sandwiches, I get back to work. I refill once on their iced coffees or canned ginger beer and soon enough reach my end of day off work day. I wrap up my cables and pack away my laptop and make my way to the front counter. I close out my open tab, thank them and wave off I'll see them again. 

Before waving off though, I do order a can from their rotating 30 canned beer selections. Yes, they do serve crisp canned beer all day. 

This place is just solid in my book. 

Got a place you honestly feel you could call a second home to get some work done? Let us know! I'll just be here at Young Hickory till then!