tiger & ox shop!

What makes a house a home? To me, it’s an eclectic mix. Those unexpected details that give your space a sense of character and reflect your personality. It’s all about the details. 

One of the reasons on why I love thrifting and going to flea markets is because you can literally find anything and everything - even things you’d never expect to come across. It took a while for me to get “good” at thrifting, I say “good” but I can assure you that being "good" at it has nothing to do with it. When I say "good", I really mean LUCKY. When shopping thrift stores, the selection can be a hit or miss. Definitely.

Upon building a collection of goods, Cruz and I wanted to open an online shop with items that I’ve personally selected and love. One of the reasons we've made these unique items so affordable is because when we decided to start this project we did it with the objective of finding each item a new loving home. 


We’ve done our homework on each item with the best resources we have (Google.) and we discovered that each item has a new sense of character and charm. They are a genuine reflection of the artisans who created them and we hope they become a reflection of the person you are in the time you have them in your home.


Every item has a story and now it can become part of yours.

Click HERE to check out the rest of the items in the T+O Shop.

Have a good day, guys!