Hi we're Cruz and Leah and we created Tiger + Ox as a ongoing lifestyle project so we may work together to produce accessible projects from home, promote businesses and the people behind them, local and abroad, and develop Tiger and Ox as a lifestyle brand selling original product, reselling vintage goods, and valuing objects that are indispensable and not replaceable.

We both started Tiger + Ox as a space for the creative expressions we both have. We both have backgrounds where we dabbled in the creative arts ranging from painting, photography, graphic arts, video production and live theatre.  We're establishing and pursuing this project as a contrast to our day jobs, for our own personal and creative growth, and work towards building relationships with individuals and businesses in our creative community. 

We're developing Tiger + Ox to be an informative and visual gateway for individuals seeking out new artists and events in their community. We want you to use Tiger + Ox as a source of inspiration and to act as catalyst to think outside the box when pursuing our projects.  We look forward to sharing, working and communicating with you all!

Thank you!

Leah + Cruz