lone flag


The San Diego area has a growing collection of shops that barter well made life style goods, boasting meticulously design layouts, and a group of owners who work to develop a culture of acceptance and incredible service among their stores. Supporting local small businesses and purchasing goods made here domestically have a special place in my midwest heart. A small brick and mortar shop in Del Mar, California by the name of Lone Flag caters to the crowd looking for apparel and dry goods that proudly boast a sewn tag or stamp that reads "Made in the USA" .

Their quaint small shop sits on the lower level of the Flower Hill Promenade. I can attest that their staff and the store they curate is overwhelming welcoming to a first time shopper like me at their location. Sam Larson, owner and operator of Lone Flag, started this shop in 2014 as a creative space where he could curate and showcase product lines that stand above in terms of quality and durability when compared to substandard product produced out the current mass market we have today . On my first visit, Keng, Lone Flag's shop manager welcomed me and drew me into a long conversation about the product line they carry, the stories they tell and what's coming for the future of Lone Flag. 


On my first trip to Lone Flag, I picked up a vat of Imperial Matte Pomade Paste (which will be featured in an upcoming review!) and Lone Flag's Black Wool SD baseball cap which was produced in collaboration with Los Angeles based Seasoned USA. I'm looking forward to more visits and chats with the Lone Flag crew and ensuring every effort goes to support local business growth here in San Diego. 

All the best,