cleaning your vintage jewelry

Have you ever passed on getting a piece of vintage jewelry because it looked too worn, stained, tarnished or dirty? I know I have, until I came across a beautiful vintage turquoise ring in one of my favorite local thrift stores. 

I spotted it as I was checking out and asked to see it. The silver that surrounded the stone on the top of the ring was completely black (due to the excessive tarnish) and the ring itself was super tarnished - I tried it on it fit. I had been looking for a ring like this for a while in Ebay and Etsy, and here it was. I told myself I would accept it with its wear and tear. I was totally cool with it. It was now or another outbid later, so I took it. 

I wore that ring daily for a couple of weeks and I struck up a conversation with a woman while waiting for our coffee orders. She noticed my ring she pointed to her wrist. She had a shiny, sterling silver cuff with a red stone in the middle and said her cuff looked just like my ring when she found it in an estate sale. I asked her what she'd done to make her cuff look like that and she said she cleaned it with TOOTHPASTE. What?! Right? We finished our conversation, I picked up my coffee and we parted ways. I couldn't get home any faster. I did it and it worked. Google it, seriously.

Having that conversation has helped me have more of an open mind when thrifting jewelry, I've acquired more pieces and thought I could share the cleaning process with the results.

THE PIECES (before)

gym standard post.jpg
gym standard post-6.jpg
gym standard post-9.jpg


gym standard post-13.jpg


1) Toothpaste

2) Toothbrush

3) Water

4) Dry Cloth/Towel

HOW (& after)

Pretty cool right? Who knew? Would you consider trying this?