effortlessly cool


I'm constantly pinning, and as much as I like having those albums dedicated to different moods and styles, it always happens, I end up forgetting about them.  I want to start a series, creating collages dedicated to those boards in hopes of finding and sharing inspiration. 


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I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal, so obviously those are the looks I'm mostly drawn to. Despite not going out of my own comfort zones a lot, I do love the idea of a one-piece, not only do they look comfy but I feel like it's a piece that is really easy to dress up or down. Definitely late to this bandwagon but I'm officially down with them. 

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I really like easy, relaxed, casual outfits. The outfit you decide 15 minutes before getting out of your house, the kind of pieces you choose when you're running late and are in a rush; when you really don't think about it too much. 

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These women reflect a style that I'd call effortlessly cool


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How would you describe your style?