a trip to tandy leather

Last weekend before meeting with friends for lunch, we stopped by our local Tandy Leather Factory. We've been wanting to get ourselves into leather craft for a really long time now! The location is wide open and very welcoming, the staff very knowledgable and incredibly humble. Tandy Leather Factory offers classes in a variety of areas for leather working over the weekends. On the day of our visit, the staff was hosting a class where you were learning how to dye leather different colors! 


We were in awe at the different kinds of leather, tools, and starter kits they offer. Oh and smell of good leather! It's really inspiring walking into a place like Tandy. We made a little video of our trip and are super eager to start creating projects. Can't wait to start sharing some things with you!

Got any stories to share where a new craft got you excited? 




995 Bay Blvd, #108
Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone: 619-427-2344