modern times

Modern Times.

Born and brewed to be something unique here in San Diego. Started by the always optimistic self described beer nerd Jacob McKean, Modern Times spawned in 2013 with every intent to make incredible world class beer. It set out to make itself a pillar in a sudsy sea, to do it humbly with those considered family within the beer industry and develop a loving community around the product it brews.

They currently have two locations. The brewery and tap room in the Point Loma community called Lomaland Fermentorium (featured in this post) and the North Park community's tap room the Flavordome. Both are incredible examples of the kind of work and detail this brewery puts into it's brand. 

It's grown tremendously in such a short amount of time with plans to expand beyond the San Diego area in the near future. It's employed inhabitants genuinely proud of what they've accomplished and what they willfully would endure for it. 

The beer they brew and the brewery they call home? It speaks volumes of how much they care for Modern Times. 

The wonderful variety of flavorful brews Modern Times produces. I've found that Modern Times produces a lineup of brews that are accessible to anyone who takes a sip.

Michael Jackson and Bubbles mural made completely of post it notes. No beautiful detail sparred.

Most of their production is dedicated to canning their brews. They release a rotating selection of seasonal releases each month in glass bombers. Draft growlers always available for any of their year round brews. 

I failed to mention they roast their own coffee in house at the brewery. The roasting room can be seen below. They roast their coffee after their founder discovered a knack for home roasting himself. All of their coffee is available in select grocers, online and they use it generously when brewing their Black House series.

The logo and mural? All comic books. Dedication to a wonderful craft.

Seriously stop in any one of their locations for an amazing sip and change the way you think about beer.

They offer four year round selections dubbed Lomaland, Fortunate Islands, Black House, and Blazing World. All drinkable and accessible to anyone you hand a can to. Each one chosen and crafted to be a shining example of the style they're brewed in. 

The 2015 four seasonal canned goods are Booming Rollers, Oneida (a personal favorite), Aurora (a delicious red rye IPA that on my prior trip to Fermentorium consisted of a few pints) and City of The Sun.

Their monthly special offerings are available on their website and be sure to view their Twitter for other special brewed offerings.  

Thanks for the reading along and grab some Modern Times! 

More breweries coming for BEERTOBERFEST!