fall brewing

Beer is to be enjoyed. It's a social drink and it's meant to be shared with others according to Fall Brewing's founder and captain Ramon Astamendi. .

I've passed by Fall Brewing's location on 30th street in the North Park area so many times I've lost count. I've told myself over and over, hitting myself with a mental stick to stop by their post but sadly never gave myself the time. The retired car garage shell that houses them, to the wonderful neighborhood culture that envelops around them to incredibly tasty brewed selection they concoct up!

With Beertoberfest, I could not pass up the chance to visit them and add them to the roster of great breweries. 

Right now, and for the last few days I've been antsy to get back to the folks at Fall Brewing. 

The brewery is small but stunning. It's simply all about the beer and people who drink it. It's about the community they have the great fortune of serving, the folks employed under that roof and helping them grow in this amazing industry. 

It was my first visit to them on a muggy Wednesday afternoon, but I'm incredibly grateful for the great fortune I had that day of meeting some wonderful people there. I had a great throwback talk about beer recommendations, culture, and the community with a gentleman named Harpo, a warm welcoming patron and local contractor for the brewery with Chicago roots like my own. Harpo, if you're reading this, thank you. Hope to find you at the brewery again!

Talking with the brewers from Fall Brewing was humbling experience for me and genuinely inspiring.   Nick, the head brewer, shared a lot background on his experience in the industry and his general insight about what you need to put in as person to develop passion for this craft.  Thank you, Nick. 

The beer here at Fall Brewery is incredible and always rotating and changing to fit what the brewers what to mingle with every season. Just to note, their 2 AM Bike Ride on Nitro (pictured above) still sits on my lips after more than a week after my visit to their brewery. It's simply one of the best damn beers I've had. 

I can't really stress enough how much I need to make another stop at this wonderful brewery. Thank you to everyone at Fall Brewing