Beer. Liquid bread.  "Liquid lunch" as a fellow patron said with a chuckle to me as he pulled his stool up to the bar on a humid Wednesday afternoon. 

Damn delicious beer.

It's one of the world's oldest prepared beverages, possibly dating back as far as the Neolithic ages and written down by some very wise ancient people.  It has helped ignite whole civilizations, lifted the spirits of folks to take charge atop a soapbox and cry out their rights, and outright making the young and old confident in their ability not to remember the possibly of rejection.  

Beer is very important to us. So important to many of us that we throw week long celebrations to remind the world how much of a love affair we have with it. Oktoberfest is a 16 day celebration held throughout Germany. Traditionally Oktoberfest runs during late September through the first week of October. Some parts of the world plan it sporadically through the fall months. I've decided to make my small contribution to Oktoberfest by extending it a bit and dubbing it BEERTOBERFEST!

Throughout Beertoberfest, I'll be highlighting local breweries here in San Diego and the assortment of styles they offer. I'll also be featuring a brewery or two from my home town of Chicago later this month! Check back this weekend for the first thirst quenching brewery!

Until then,