beauty capsule


Ever since I hit puberty, I’ve always wanted to wear my mom’s makeup. I remember I used to go through her stash, hide in our upstairs bathroom and try her make up on while my family was playing Mah Jong downstairs. 

I’ve done a lot of stupid stuff with makeup. I've painted my eyebrows with an eyeshadow stick, which was pretty hilarious when I think about my mom asking me what I put in my brows and I shyly answered “nothing” (she didn’t believe me by the way). Or when I first used liquid liner and applied it to my water line. Wow, that wasn’t pleasant at all! Especially when you’re 10, and don’t want to “get caught” but you’re also so scared you might loose your sight. So, I stopped using liquid liner for a while and I stuck to just using lip smackers and concealers for years (I am part Lebanese so the dark circle struggle is real)  and only mascara on special occasions. I didn’t even know how to use foundation until my friend Cinthia taught me, and I also amended my relationship with eyeliner when my bestie started doing it for me (and I eventually caught on). By the way this was all in College. Yup. Forever a late bloomer.

Makeup is great, especially on the days I feel really "blah". I just put a little bit of mascara, a lip stain or blush and all is better. I can’t explain it but I’m sure that if you like makeup, you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to wear any but sometimes I just - it’s a necessity. As I got older my style and approach to it has changed a lot, but at the end of the day I do what I like with it, I do what I think works best for me and when I feel really wild I also take risks with it. 

This is my September Beauty Capsule.

I kept it pretty simple.

NYX HD Concealers in shade 1 or 2 and 4 - these were my go to definitely. I hardly used any foundation this month. What I did in order to have a more even tone in my face was use two shades of this concealer. Applying the lightest shade under my eyes and putting a darker (a closer shade to your skin tone) shade on top of the cheekbone. I blended the products by  tapping the concealers into my skin, giving it a totally even and concealed look. Super easy and convenient when you have to "get up and go". I still took forever to get ready, though. Ask Cruz.

Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless Pore Perfecting Bronzer - I have to say this was a revelation. I’m not a bronzer kind of girl which I find ironic as I’m featuring two in this post, but this product is fantastic. I used it more as a contour than a bronzer and I found it to be very subtle and perfect for an “every day face”. I also used this product as an eyeshadow, as scary as that seems it looked really natural. Since I used the same brush I originally applied the product to my face with, I was pretty much just using the product excess. Which wasn’t a lot but it really did do something to give me a little color. The texture is soft and buttery and it’s super easy to blend throughout the face.


Stila Sun Bronzing Powder in Shade 01- the second bronzer. This bronzer has more of an orangey tone, and since I am not tanned and I am very pale I started using this product as a blush and I really dug the peachy hue it gave my cheeks.  



Benefit Dandelion Blush - this blush is really soft alone so I just added a thin layer of this on top of the Stila Bronzer. It gave my cheeks a subtle pink flush.



Laura Mercier Highlighter in Highlight-01 - I really like products that I can find different uses for. For starters, this highlighter is beautiful. It’s not glittery at all and it gives you the perfect glow. I also used this product on my inner eye corner and also on my brow bone.

Sugar Rosé Lip Balm - no one ever know’s what I’m talking about when I ask them this: Did you ever smell that 7UP Lip Balm? Seriously? Have you? I haven’t found one person who has. I remember as I child I used to love that lip balm. Well every time I put this on I am instantly reminded of that 7UP lip balm. This product is super moisturizing, gives you the slightest rosey tint and it’s super low maintenance. Three must have qualities in my book. Although I do love a good, bold, matte lip. On a daily basis, this just does it for me. 

I also consistently use the Urban Decay Setting Spray and a No. 7 Brow pencil in Brown for my eyebrows but I am not featuring these because they're not products I plan on “rotating” on these capsules, these are products I use daily (mostly), but if I try something that wow’s me I will definitely talk about that on the next capsule. I’m not featuring any mascaras because I used an arrange of them throughout the month. I can’t really commit to one Mascara. I like a lot, I like combining, and I also have a lot of them. So, I’m trying to use up all the free testers I’ve gotten in the last couple of months. Hopefully I find “the one” soon. Suggestions?

What products did you use in September?